Sarvodaya – Head Quarters, Moratuwa

Moratuwa is a large suburban city of Colombo, situated in the Galle-Colombo main road, closer to Dehiwala and Mount Lavinia.


The Moratuwa Centre is constructed adjacent to the Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement Headquarters which is in close proximity to Sri Lanka’s commercial hub Colombo. Situated only 600 m  away from the bustling city of Moratuwa, the rustic and natural setting of the Centre is inviting to anyone wanting to indulge in the secret haven of rest and relaxation; from the bustling city to the tranquil, extravagance of nature. A step in through our gates, feel the city anxiety leave your soul as the aura of nature takes over.


As the jigsaw arrangement of trees swiftly moving choreographed by the wind, the rustling leaves, the sweet melodies of birds’ song are welcoming to anyone who is keen to be a part of living nature.


The premises are the ideal location for anyone in town to have a break while engaging in their business affairs and conduct group conventions or conferences and to enjoy long-term group accommodation all being close to the bustling city.


The Centre caters 4 types of unique conference halls depending on their structure and facilities.

Conference Hall

Auditorium facilities sarvodaya moratuwa colombo


Our large spacious auditorium with a maximum capacity of 1000 individuals provide a splendid space to conduct large events and celebrations.

As the laser lighting system provides a shimmering effect to the spacious stage the audience can witness a glamourous event ahead. The excellent sound system triggers to conduct an unforgettable event. These facilities can be arranged at a separate cost. As the ventilating breeze creeps through the large windows at sides the auditorium is with abundance of fresh air throughout the event.

conference facilities sarvodaya head quarters moratuwa

Conference Hall

The hall provides a unique setting for Conventions, conferences, competitions and other events. Our state-of-the-art conference hall is designed to suit the requirement of conducting variety of meetings. The circular rings of seating arrangement helps to create a more interactive space, where all 85 individuals are able to face each other during the discussion. Bilingual translation system adds an impeccable value to the conference hall. You can utilize the rare opportunity and take the advantage of such an architectural symmetry in the country at a reasonable budget.

Lecture Hall facilities sarvodaya moratuwa colombo

Lecture Hall

Having the maximum capacity to occupy 75 individuals the lecture hall is equipped with the required facilities to conduct a smooth lecture or a gathering. The spacious hall makes the individuals move comfortably during the session if required.

Open Stage facilities sarvodaya moratuwa colombo

Open Stage

Sheltered with various types of trees, the sweet fragrance of freshly bloomed flowers, birds chirping away, the open arena is equipped with its own charming environment for perfect relaxation. The rustic stage is suitable for performances and to conduct meditation and yoga relaxation activities as well as morning fitness programs.

Moratuwa Accommodation

Our Package includes single beds in dormitory type of rooms, dividing into 3 categories of room sizes. Shared washrooms are available for groups. Dormitories are equipped with required simple furniture, providing you with a comfortable environment to relax where cleanliness as well as safety is always guaranteed. Our professional staff is readily available to assist you.

A delicious meal of Sri Lankan cuisine can be enjoyed at the spacious cafeteria and refreshments for any events can be supplied at your request.

Accommodation facilities sarvodaya moratuwa colombo

5 Bed Room

3 Bed Room

Accommodation facilities sarvodaya moratuwa colombo

2 Bed Room

Address : 98,Rawathawatte Road, Moratuwa,Sri Lanka 


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Contact : +94 11 433 2740 / +94 11 265 6512 / +94 77-8838091

sarvodaya head quarters moratuwa
sarvodaya head quarters moratuwa
sarvodaya head quarters moratuwa
conference facilities sarvodaya head quarters moratuwa
conference facilities sarvodaya head quarters moratuwa