Why Sarvodaya

As a reputed organization in Sri Lanka we have been extending our numerous services towards the needy communities at the root level over six decades. Our programs are focused on improving the living standards of people residing in villages. As an organization working towards our mission ‘Uplift and empower the most disadvantaged people in Sri Lanka’, we conduct various types of projects to empower the living patterns of the less privileged people. The revenue of Sarvodaya Leisure is directed towards the implementation of such projects. Our broad interconnected branch network within the island provide a better coordination to carry out these activities.


You will gain the opportunity to interact with local communities which allows you to connect closely with them to discover their cultural and social aspects. people who has been working with foreign visitors in the organization for the past years coordinate and implement the customized tourism activities in the particular areas.

Our homestay packages provide you to stay with a family in the village with the direction and guidance of our organisation. You can participate in their routine work in the field as well as their home and garden while engaging to prepare delectable Sri Lankan meals.


Moreover, visiting historical, cultural and scenic attractions in the country will allow you to gain authentic, lifetime experiences.  There’s also a very good chance that you will come away with not only unforgettable memories and knowledge but also new friends.


You can join with our ongoing community projects while your stay in Sri Lanka. You can offer your knowledge and skills for an ongoing project in the area and this would be for a few hours a day. Teaching a few words of English for the kids at kindergarten and supporting agriculture work in the field are some of the common services that our visitors do.

Our International Division operates from the LJSSS Headquarters in Moratuwa. It caters to the needs of a variety of visitors from abroad who are interested in knowing about the development work of Sarvodaya and are also keen on participating in such development work at community and other levels. The visitors range from groups of students and individual students from institutes of higher learning to interested professionals and others.

Contact Information

Sarvodaya International Division

No-98, Sarvodaya HQ,

Rawathawatta Road


Sri Lanka.

Email : sarvishva@itmin.net

T.P : +94-11-2655419

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