What we did

Study tour programme of the University of Wisconsin, USA, 2019.

The theme of the study tour was Global Health in which the students of the University studied and observed health practices of Ayuverdic , Allopathy and indigenous treatment in Sri Lanka in visiting both governments western and Ayurveda hospital. This tour consisted of lectures, field visits and home stay with host families in a village. At the end of the tour, the group toured around the historical and touristic places in the country.


The group was included 13 students and 2 staff of the University, this was a two week programme from 4th to 18th January, 2019. Before the onset the programme, the students attended a lecture on Sarvodaya principles and its’ activities being implemented at grass root level to improve the quality of life of the people.


In the village, special attention was given to study the well-beings of the people in their daily life and health problems they face when they live in the villages

Homestay and Service project:

Two days home stay with host families was organized in the village of Galabalanakanda in Kegalle District. Even a spring located in the village which provided water throughout the year, the water scarcity was an acute problem due to flowing the water out of the village through the small canal. As a swift remedy for the water problem they faced for a long time, a stone dam was built across the canal to retain the water.


The local health Center has been built in the middle of the village to meet the doctor and midwife within the village to obtain the treatment for minor illness and clinical services. But, this building was abandoned for a considerable time period, wild trees have overgrown the building and nobody upkeeps this establishment. The doctor and midwife haven’t visited the place for the treatment as this building was not in a position to meet the patients and conduct the clinics for the pregnant mothers.


Implementing the study tour in the village with the cooperation of the Wisconsin University a dam was constructed to collect the water and the local health center was color washed and cleaned the surrounding area of the building. Now villagers access easily to the available water and get the treatment at the health center as a doctor and midwife resumed the duties at this place.

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