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Each destination is exclusive having something novel to offer, our customized tours are offered to our guests by Sarvodaya Centres with plenty of Eco, Cultural and historical destinations to choose from. Let your heart decide on what you are most interested…


Our Samma Vasa, Kandy Centre offers many options to cater variety of preferences.

One day trip

One day trip is organized to visit the UNESCO world heritage sites, Dambulla which is famous for the largest and best-preserved cave temple complex in Sri Lanka and Sigiriya rock fortress with magnificent colourful frescoes, which is one of the best-preserved examples of ancient urban planning.


  • Morning: Depart from Kandy to Sigiriya and climbing Sigiriya rock fortress
  • Enjoying an authentic Sri Lankan meal at a hotel
  • Relaxing time
  • Evening: Exploring Dumbulla cave temple

Two day trip

A Two day trip is arranged to explore the cities such as, Polonnaruwa which is the second most ancient of Sri Lankan kingdoms, Sigiriya and Dambulla with an overnight stay in Polonnaruwa.


  • Day 1 morning: Depart from Kandy to Polonnaruwa. Visit Matale Aluvihare, a sacred Buddhist temple surrounded by hills and the National Spice Garden
  • Enjoy a delicious Sri Lankan meal at Dambulla
  • Afternoon: Historical sightseeing in Polonnaruwa
  • Spend the night at Polonnaruwa
  • Day 2 Morning: Leave to Sigiriya and explore the rock fortress
  • Enjoy an appetizing Sri Lankan meal at Sigiriya
  • Afternoon: Visiting Dambulla cave temple and explore the amazing paintings and sculptures.
  • Return to Kandy

Homestay with a family in a rural village in Kandy

  • Leave to the village with our staff member and introduce you to the host family.
  • Engage in preparing authentic local meals with the host family members.
  • Walk and explore the village which is an inspiring and soul-searching activity. Unlike the ordinary visits to tourist attractions, a walk in the village will allow you to understand the way of life of our rural community, its culture and family situations while enjoying the beauty and simplicity of countryside.
  • Enjoying the village cultural program organized by the villagers for you, to visualize a glimpse of rich artistic tradition and culture of Sri Lanka.

Visit the tea estate in Giragama

Driving through the twisting roads of the tea estate, visualize the colourful women at work in the plantation and engage in plucking tea leaves with them. Enjoy a breath of fresh air with the stunning scenery. Since the tea factory welcome visitors, you will be able to observe all the stages of tea-making process and sip a cup of excellent, world class Ceylon tea.

One day volunteer programme in a village

Experience typical rural activities by involving in a community project with the villagers. You will gain the opportunity to learn about the lives of local community members. This includes helping them with their daily activities such as local food production, the creation of goods for market, colour washing the buildings such as schools, teaching English and playing with kids, contributing to work in a home garden and other community-based projects.

Thanamalwila Centre

  • Safari Jeep tour in the Udawalawe National Park to witness true Sri Lankan natural treasures.


  • Fishing in the Udawalawe reservoir. Make your own basic fishing rod and try a hand at some fishing with the villagers.

Gain a lifetime experience of preparing an authentic Sri Lankan meal in a village with the host family.


  • Bird watching from an aesthetic tree house overlooking the land of vegetation in the farmland and preparing delicious local meals near the treehouse while enjoying nature, facing the farm area.


  • One Day tour to Katharagama temple and observe the rituals of their daily pooja to experience the culturally diverse side of Sri Lanka.


  • One Day volunteer work

Morning: Supporting to make pottery for a family of potters and feel embraced by our community.
Afternoon: Assisting a community project in a village.

Batticaloa Centre

  • City tour of Batticaloa, which is one of the most scenic cities in the East coast and visit Batticaloa fort, Batticaloa lagoon and St. Mary’s Cathedral. Explore the amazing beaches, picturesque lagoons, rustic bridges and European fortresses etc.


One of the most remarkable wealth in Batticaloa district is its lagoons. Life in and around the lagoon is full of discoveries of wildlife, nature, breeze, birds, boats, fisherman, etc. Many flora and fauna dwells there and there is a lot to observe when you explore the enormity of the lagoon.


The Kallady Bridge, built in 1924 that connects the suburb of Kallady to the main city of Batticaloa, is a unique bridge that is shrouded in history and legend. The bridge was the longest iron bridge in Sri Lanka, officially called the Lady Manning Bridge in memory of the wife of William Manning, who was the Governor of Ceylon at the time.

Matara Centre

  • City tour of Matara
    Explore the beauty of famous Matara fort, Old Dutch trade center, picturesque Polhena beach and fascinating and well-known Veherahena temple.


Located around 5 km away from the Centre, Polhena beach provides a spectacular view with its aesthetic beauty.

Though there are many beaches across the island this beach is unique and astonishing where any person can swim through the area as the corals act as a barrier for sea water. The greenery and beautiful trees enhance the overall allurement of the area and provides remarkable memories for travelers and nature lovers.


The fort is protected by its section of landside with 13 meters thick and 5 meters tall walls. Due to its grand architecture and historical importance, people can enjoy and have a great learning experience by visiting Matara Fort.

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